4 Ways to Get the March Madness Party Started

Football may be over now, but that means another exciting sporting event is just around the corner…March Madness!  Maybe you’re not into college basketball, but it’s pretty hard to resist the chance to watch small schools you’ve never heard of get the chance to make it to The Big Dance!  March Madness means a couple weeks of exciting games, great snacks, and have full permission to sit around with a plate of food watching TV. What could be better?

Trending Food Ideas from TikTok and Instagram

Let’s talk game-time grub – the heart and soul of any March Madness party. TikTok trends are filled with quick and delicious snack ideas that are perfect for munching during the game. Think loaded nachos, buffalo chicken sliders, and a DIY guacamole bar. These snacks not only satisfy cravings, but also allow guests to graze throughout the game.

Loaded Tortilla Hack Nachos:

Dive into the “TikTok Tortilla Hack” trend with a twist by turning it into loaded nachos. Cut tortillas into triangles, bake them until crispy, and load them up with cheese, beans, guacamole, and your favorite toppings. Or for a fun twist, make our Italian Air Fryer Pasta Chips and have Italian Nachos with marinara sauce, banana peppers, olives, cheese, and any other toppings you desire! These fun and customizable apps mean everyone gets exactly what they desire.

TikTok Tortilla Hack:

Another perfectly customizable app is to try your hand at creating “TikTok Tortilla Hack” snacks – Lay your tortilla out and make one straight cut from the edge of the tortilla to the center (DO NOT CUT YOUR TORTILLA IN HALF – only cut to the center). Fill each quadrant with different ingredients (like our Kansas City BBQ Sauce), and fold the quadrants on top of each other, starting with your cut and going around the circle. Voila! You have a trendy, shareable treat that, once again, everyone will love (especially since they got to choose the ingredients).

DIY Snack Stadiums:

A huge trend on Instagram is the snack stadiums. Transform your snack spread into a full court of flavor, complete with sections for savory bites, sweet treats, and refreshing dips. Start with your shorter foods (like our Gourmet Burger Tailgate Dip) as the basketball court and surround those with taller items, finishing up with cans and bottles of drinks around the outside.

Don’t Forget the Drinks!

Who can forget something to pair all the delicious food with?!

For a fun surprise, create a signature punch (or use ours) for your party and give it a catchy name like “Half Court Twist” or “Extra Point Elixir.”

If you want to truly go SUPER simple, you can always provide basic staples like water and a cheap soda or beer and then tell your guests to bring whatever else they want. We promise people won’t mind as much as you think they will. We know Emily Post would frown upon it, but we don’t think Emily Post probably ever attended a March Madness party.

A Little Something Extra

Keep the energy high with some simple games or fun-filled activities! Let’s face it, not only do we want the food at a March Madness party to be delicious, we want to have fun!

Bracket Bingo

Create bingo cards with different items and events you anticipate to happen throughout the night. You can include items such as most turnovers, close-ups of specific players’ faces, major upsets, etc. Reward the winners with little dollar store prizes or even pieces of candy you hid until Bingo time! The rewards don’t have to be big to be fun.

Score Predictions

Have everyone predict what they think the score will be after the first half. At halftime the person (or people) closest get a prize. You can even make Price Is Right rules and say if the estimated score is over the actual score, they are out.


Don’t forget about little mini-games you can do throughout the night as well. Mini Basketball Toss, bracket challenges, or trivia are all fun, interactive activities to keep the party lively and engaged.

Cozy Up to the Game

Try to keep the vibe of the game cozy and relaxed. Remember, comfort is key for long periods of back-to-back stop-the-clock plays. Don’t be afraid to use blankets and pillows on the floor or add folding chairs so there’s room for everyone.

If you have bean bag chairs in your kids’ rooms or cushions from your patio furniture, spread them around the room to ensure a cozy vibe all night long.

Put up a few simple basketball decorations to make things festive and call it a day.

Keep it Simple

The most important thing to remember about hosting a March Madness party is to keep it simple for yourself and your guests. People like being able to watch the game at their leisure. Appetizers and food spreads are the way to go instead of a sit-down meal. Use a few trending food ideas to breathe new life into this time-honored tradition, and have some fun!

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