Weber All Purpose Cookout

This savory seasoning features an outstanding blend of flavors, including garlic, butter, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, buttermilk, and soy sauce. It adds a savory boost to beef, chicken, and pork, and unexpected depth to pastas, vegetables, and even grilled fruits (we invite you to try it on grilled pineapple – you won’t be disappointed)!

When you’re looking for a seasoning that you can sprinkle on just about everything, Weber® All Purpose Cookout Seasoning meets all of your requirements!

Weber® All Purpose Cookout is mild yet full of flavor, which means it’s well-balanced enough to satisfy every member of the family. Mix it into burgers, shake it on chicken, rub it onto ribs – the options are truly endless. Do your side dishes need a little pick-me-up? Try Weber® All Purpose Cookout on grilled corn, veggie kabobs, or even rice dishes.

When you’re looking to add that “extra something” to your recipes, Weber® All Purpose Cookout Seasoning is your new go-to! Don’t be afraid to try it on dishes that may seem a little unusual – it will only make them taste so much better! Be sure to always have Weber® All Purpose Cookout Seasoning available in your pantry for all of your cooking needs!

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