Member’s Mark Cilantro

Use dried cilantro to make homemade guacamole, or as a delicious garnish atop burritos, tacos, and enchiladas. Dried cilantro can also easily enhance the flavors of meats, fish and veggies. It adds a bold brightness and freshness that is incomparable.

About this item:
Dried cilantro bursting with flavor and aroma
When replacing fresh cilantro, you can use one-third as much
Zero calories, sodium and fat

Cilantro is the leaf portion of the coriander plant. Cilantro is a traditional herb in Mexican, Indian and Asian cooking. Aromatic cilantro has a mild and sweet, yet deliciously pungent flavor. Keep Member’s Mark™ Cilantro on hand to add a touch of vibrancy and herbaceous flavor to an array of foods. Dried cilantro is a staple in many different foods from around the globe, helping to turn your kitchen into a worldly culinary stopover with each use. Dried cilantro is a staple in many different foods, and using dried herbs, such as Member’s Mark™ Cilantro, is an economical and convenient alternative to fresh. Wondering how to use Member’s Mark™ Cilantro in your kitchen? Add plenty of dried cilantro to homemade Indian-style curries, as well as fresh ginger, another delicious and antioxidant-packed plant! Make a delicious cilantro pesto in place of traditional basil pesto and use to spread on crackers, flatbread, and as a pasta sauce. When you are using Member’s Mark™ Cilantro in place of fresh cilantro, the key substitution to remember is to use one-third as much. Also, be sure to add cilantro in at the end of cooking, as it is quite delicate by nature.

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