Member’s Mark Onion Powder

Add a dash of onion wherever you need it with Member’s Mark™ Onion Powder. Use it in fried chicken batter, dressings, and homemade French onion dip – but don’t stop there!

About this item:
Economy size
Comes in a convenient shaker

With Member’s Mark™ Onion Powder, you can add a touch of onion wherever you need it. It may be used in fried chicken batter, salad dressings, and homemade French onion dip.

Member’s Mark™ Onion Powder blends quickly and easily for a mild, uniform onion taste throughout. You’ll find that onion powder is a wonderful alternative to fresh onions – you can say goodbye to the unwanted tears that accompany chopped onions (not to mention the pungent aroma they leave behind on your hands). While Member’s Mark™ Onion Powder provides a smoother texture than fresh chopped onions or other alternative onion options (such as minced or granulated onions), this product makes it easy to sneak onions into recipes – especially soups. By adding an appropriate amount of onion powder, you can season your ground meats, meatloaf, or dry-rub your meats before roasting or grilling, making them full of onion flavor. If you use onion powder to rub, allow your meats to sit for 1 hour to absorb the powder’s flavor fully. When you are looking to substitute fresh onion with Member’s Mark™ Onion Powder, the key to remember is that one small onion is equivalent to 1 tsp of onion powder.

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