Member’s Mark Restaurant Black Pepper

Sprinkle it over chowders, cream soups, meats and fish, oven-roasted vegetables and egg dishes to give them just the right amount of peppery bite.

About this item:
Slightly coarser than ground black pepper for less dust
Economy sized for restaurant and food service use

This economy-size container of Member’s Mark™ Restaurant Black is essential in every professional kitchen. Member’s Mark™ Restaurant Black is ground to perfection. Just the right grain to enhance any protein or vegetable. Packaged for food service operators, Member’s Mark™ Restaurant Black Pepper is ground slightly coarser than ground black pepper, eliminating dust. Bold and earthy, Member’s Mark Restaurant Black Pepper will enhance, rather than overwhelm, the flavor of your favorite cuisines. Black Peppercorns originate from the small, dried berries (peppercorns) of the vine Piper nigrum. Peppercorns are actually a tiny fruit, the drupe (a fruit with a single seed in the middle) of a flowering vine known as piper nigrum, grown in tropical regions, native to the Indian subcontinent and in Southeast Asia. Some of the best peppercorns in the world come from the Malabar Coast in the Indian state of Kerala. The name pepper is derived from the Sanskrit name of long pepper, pippali. That word gave rise to the Greek peperi and Latin piper. Black peppercorns are green peppercorns that have been cooked and dried out. Black pepper is most commonly used as a seasoning or crust that adds a robust spice to some of our favorite foods: meats, eggs, salads, fries, soups and more. Black peppercorns are typically ground up and used alongside table salt.

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