Member’s Mark Sea Salt

An essential in the kitchen and at the dining table, Member’s Mark™ Sea Salt is an excellent choice for enhancing the flavor of your favorite foods.

About this item:
Use as a cooking ingredient or savory condiment
Contains no iodine
Enhances flavor
Economy size

“Member’s Mark™ Sea Salt is authentic sea salt. Sea salt is a completely natural condiment that’s been used by millions for millennia. The flavor-enhancing qualities of natural salt are well-known around the world. Member’s Mark™ Sea Salt is natural; it comes from the sea just as salt has been harvested throughout history. This gift from the ocean can be used as a cooking ingredient, a savory condiment, or even to preserve food in the old curing tradition that has been used for thousands of years. Member’s Mark™ Sea Salt is often used for salads, vegetables, and grilled meats. Looking for a treat that’s salty and sweet? Member’s Mark™ Sea Salt provides an easy and delicious solution for that craving. Because of its larger crystals, Member’s Mark™ Sea Salt is great for sprinkling on top of various baked goods.

Some popular ways to use sea salt include sprinkling it on roasted veggies, adding it to chocolate-based desserts, and using it to season steaks, burgers, and fish. Sea salt and table salt have basically the same nutritional value, although sea salt is marketed, at times, as a more natural and healthy alternative for sodium. The main differences between the two are that sea salt tends to have a slightly different taste than table salt, as well as texture and different processing.”

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