Weber American BBQ

Got grilling on the mind? Weber® American BBQ Seasoning and Rub’s sweet, savory, and smoky flavor profile is perfect when used as both a seasoning and a rub.

This classic yet unforgettable blend gives burgers, ribs, steak, and poultry that great grilled taste (not to mention that wonderful aroma)!

Weber® American BBQ unites the beloved regional flavors of barbecue into one magnificent blend. Crafted to represent a fusion of the best in American barbecue flavors, this enticing blend delivers a wonderfully balanced flavor that is perfect on all proteins, and even vegetables!

Weber® American BBQ is uniquely formulated to enable mouth-watering caramelization from the grill or smoker. This seasoning blend is also ideal for recipes that call for stove cooking, oven-roasting and baking, and even air frying! When grilling, brush your protein with a bit of olive oil, then add Weber® American BBQ before searing or smoking. For stove or oven cooking, shake on seasoning before, during, and even after for a full-flavored result! As for vegetables – try drizzling them with some olive oil, sprinkling on Weber® American BBQ, and popping them in the oven for a healthy side dish!

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