Weber Cowboy Seasoning and Rub

You can do no steak wrong by adding Weber® Cowboy seasoning to it! You can also uses this blend in dishes such as burritos and pig shots.

About this item:
Gluten Free

What are some of the really great cuts of beef steak that you know of? First there are the classics like the Filet Mignon. Probably the most well-known cut of all, especially known for minimal fat and juicy, tender meat. Then you have the strip (possibly New York or Kansas City) both are known for a little fat. They might not be as tender as the filet, but a solid cut of meat all the way. The Ribeye is one of the most prized cuts of all, the rib eye comes boneless or with the rib bone still attached (in which case it’s frequently known as a cowboy steak). And that’s where we come to Weber® Seasonings Cowboy Seasoning. Simple, easy to use, and get along with. The flavors of this seasoning are well known to the hearty appetite. With its rustic, earthy blends of cocoa, cumin, and coriander, you’ll soon find out what the cowboy has always known. For a great steak, keep your fire hot and your spices simple. If you’re going big, 2-inch steak cuts, here are a few helpful tips. Place your steak on direct heat (a good hot fire) and turn the steak about 1 minute prior to halfway point of cooking. If this is your first experience with the thick cut steak, keep an eye on your cooking temperature. You don’t want to overcook!

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