Weber Kick ‘N Chicken Seasoning

As you might’ve guessed, this blend is delicious on chicken, but it also brings a punch of flavor to vegetables, noodles, and sauces!

About this item:

One of the most versatile seasonings in your collection will be Weber® Seasonings Kick n’ Chicken. Kick n’ Chicken Seasoning is packed with flavorful ingredients. Onion, garlic, and red pepper give glimmers of spiciness while a hint of orange peel freshens your tastebuds. What’s even better is Kick n’ Chicken Seasoning is great on pork and seafood too! This master mix is perfect for so many cooking options, you will be pouring it on everything! When grilling chicken it always best to cook over an indirect heat. If you’re cooking over coals, push your coals to each side (and don’t over do it). It’s best to keep your fire low and give your chicken time to cook. This will also allow Kick n’ Chicken Seasoning to do it’s job. As the temperature builds the seasoning will saturate into the chicken, bringing forth all the natural flavors of Weber® Kick n’ Chicken Seasoning. Thinking Mexican tonight but looking for something a little different than a taco? Try Instant Pot Kick’n Chicken Chimichangas and cover all the bases. Use your Instant Pot to cook the chicken super-fast. Next, the chicken is mixed with a salsa and cheese mixture, and then it’s all folded into a tortilla. Pop them in the oven, and you have a fun and unique dinner!

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