Weber Sweet Coffee

Weber® Sweet Coffee Seasoning and Rub has the perfect balance of sweet and savory with a kick of spice. This robust seasoning is an excellent addition to any protein dish, especially your favorite beef dishes.

Use this blend as a rub to tenderize the beef and give it a bold, yet sweet flavor. For something different, try it in chili, your favorite Mexican dishes, fish, and even sweet potatoes!

The sweet and savory flavor Weber® Sweet Coffee Seasoning and Rub has is perfect to elevate any of your favorite meat dishes and veggies. Substitute some of your brown sugar in chili or barbeque sauce with Weber® Sweet Coffee Seasoning and Rub. Add a few dashes to your sweet potato dish for an added sweetness with a strong savory flavor.

This seasoning is a barbeque lovers’ new best friend! Many people might not know the secret bold flavor coffee gives hearty red meats, but what makes this Weber® seasoning stand out from the competition is its sweetness. This blend of garlic, ancho chili, and brown sugar compliments all of your favorite red meat dishes and is sure to please and impress your guests. Bring the standout dish at any gathering, especially barbeques, with this new Weber® Sweet Coffee Seasoning and Rub.

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