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Weber® Savory Swiss Reuben Dip

  Weber® Savory Swiss Reuben Dip Now you can eat your favorite sandwich in dip form! This Weber® Savory Swiss Reuben Dip takes all of the classic flavors of a reuben sandwich and transformed them into a truly unique appetizer. Serve with bagel chips or…

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Creamy Crab Dip

  Creamy Crab Dip If one of the things you miss the most about going to restaurants is the appetizers, don't worry! This Creamy Crab Dip is restaurant-quality…but you don't have to put on "real pants" to go eat it! Print Recipe Pin Recipe Prep…

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Italian Pizza Dip

  Italian Pizza Dip Pizza and dip in one dish? It can't get much better than that! This recipe uses all of your favorite pizza flavors to make a truly awesome appetizer that everyone will love. Serve with breadsticks or miniature naan breads! Print Recipe…

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Weber® Garlic Jalapeño Alfredo Dip

  Weber® Garlic Jalapeño Alfredo Dip This Weber® Garlic Jalapeño Alfredo Dip is what every party (or very small gathering) needs. It's creamy, cheesy, a little bit spicy…everything great you want in a dip! Print Recipe Pin Recipe Prep Time 5 minsCook Time 12 minsTotal…

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Tone’s® Cajun Candied Pecans

Tone’s® Cajun Candied Pecans Gather just a few simple ingredients and you can make this awesome snack! Tone’s® Cajun Candied Pecans are the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. Make them for game time or anytime! Print Recipe Pin Recipe Prep Time 5 minsCook Time…

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Honey Garlic Glazed Wings

  Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Glazed Wings Maybe you are planning to watch a whole lot of college basketball, or maybe you just like eating incredibly delicious chicken wings! Either way, these Honey Garlic Glazed Wings are for you. Start cooking these in the morning…

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Smoky Beer Cheese

  Smoky Beer Cheese Dip Dip is always a great choice for watching sporting events, but this Smoky Beer Cheese Dip is so good, you'll want to make it for no special occasion at all! A blend of cheeses paired with dijon mustard, cayenne pepper,…

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