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Italian Herb & Cheese Breadsticks

  Italian Herb & Cheese Breadsticks Everyone likes an appetizer that meets these requirements:1. Easy2. Quick3. Delicious4. Looks way more difficult than it isGood news – these Italian Herb & Cheese Breadsticks check all of those boxes! They're perfect for a holiday appetizer…or maybe just…

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Tone’s® Fryday Crispy Shrimp

  Tone’s® Fryday Crispy Shrimp If you're looking for a different appetizer to serve the holiday guests this year, Tone's® Fryday Crispy Shrimp is the perfect option. They're cooked in the air fryer but they still have the same great crunch you'd get from frying…

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Weber® Savory Swiss Reuben Dip

  Weber® Savory Swiss Reuben Dip Now you can eat your favorite sandwich in dip form! This Weber® Savory Swiss Reuben Dip takes all of the classic flavors of a reuben sandwich and transformed them into a truly unique appetizer. Serve with bagel chips or…

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Creamy Crab Dip

  Creamy Crab Dip If one of the things you miss the most about going to restaurants is the appetizers, don't worry! This Creamy Crab Dip is restaurant-quality…but you don't have to put on "real pants" to go eat it! Print Recipe

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