Clever Grilling & BBQ Gadgets

It’s time to up your grill game! Grilling and smoking meat isn’t something you want to overcomplicate with too many gadgets, but a few well-chosen accessories can often make grilling easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few options to consider if you’re looking to expand your grilling gear beyond the basics.

The Weber iGrill Mini

The Weber iGrill Mini is your answer to perfectly grilled food, every time. This app-connected thermometer monitors food doneness from beginning to end, and notifies you on your smart device once it has reached the perfect temperature to serve.

The Cooper Cooler

Guests arriving unexpectedly? Chill up to six cans or one bottle of wine in just minutes with this rapid cooler. All that’s required is a tray or two of ice cubes, some water, the beverage containers, and a push of a button. A can of pop or beer chills from room temperature to 43 degree F in just one minute; the extra-chill setting takes it right down to 34 degrees F. A bottle of wine (the machine lid removes for extra-long bottles) chills in just six minutes. Beverage containers rotate horizontally while being bathed by a jet of ice water, a process that is 40 times faster than chilling beverages in a freezer, and carbonated drinks won’t explode or fizz upon opening

Grill Accessories Kit by EUHOME

This accessory kit comes with heat resistant grilling gloves, a set of meat shredders, and a silicone basting brush. EUHOME protective grilling mitts are EN407 certified that withstand temperatures up to 1472℉ (800℃). EUHOME bear claws are perfect meat shredders that help you easily shred and grasp that juicy pork butt! The EUHOME BBQ Basting Grill Brush is made by food grade silicone which offers you high-strength and wear resistance.

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press

With the Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press, burger night is actually FUN again! Just Press It, Stuff It with whatever you like (Your imagination is the only limitation!), then seal it! In no time, you’ll have HUGE, perfectly proportioned burgers that cook up evenly, so there’s no guesswork. And it’s great for large parties! Imagine no more tough, pre-formed store-bought patties, and no more having to form each burger by hand!

Qidea BBQ Basting Pot with Basting Brush

This basting sauce pot and basting brush set is great BBQ tool every time you grill. The stainless steel pot holds up to 32 OZ of sauce. The silicon basting brush distributes barbecue sauce evenly and smoothly on the meat, poultry and seafood. It is integrated with the lid and the brush head is removable for convenient dishwasher-safe cleaning. Keep sauce warm and ready to baste with this self-contained stainless-steel pot. 

Grill Scraper Tool

Cleaning Your Grill Just Got Easier With The BBQ Scraper Tool

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Cave Tools Barbecue Scraper:

  1. Specially Crafted Grooves Fit Almost Any Grill, Griddle, Smoker, or Oven Grates .
  2. Griddle Scraper cleans any flat surface and is perfect for cleaning bacon grease off your griddle in the morning
  3. Extended leather handle provides superior grip and keeps your hands away from the heat when cleaning the grill.
  4. Built in Bottle Opener keeps you refreshed on a hot summer day and can be used to conveniently hang your scraper tool out at the barbecue
  5. Compact size fits right in your back pocket and makes this the perfect tool to take camping or to tailgates.
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