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Tone’s® Garlic Pepper Chicken

  Tone’s® Garlic Pepper Chicken Tone’s® Garlic Pepper Chicken is the multi-tasking meal you need in your rotation. Made with green peppers, chicken breasts, and Tone's® Garlic Pepper Seasoning, it's simple but so versatile! Use it in fajitas, tacos, a filling for enchiladas, or just…

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Honey Garlic Glazed Wings

  Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Glazed Wings Maybe you are planning to watch a whole lot of college basketball, or maybe you just like eating incredibly delicious chicken wings! Either way, these Honey Garlic Glazed Wings are for you. Start cooking these in the morning…

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Easy Cajun Jambalaya

  Easy Cajun Jambalaya Whether you're celebrating Mardi Gras, or you just want to eat a delicious meal with a bit of a kick, this Easy Cajun Jambalaya is where it's at! This recipe is super simple but has so much flavor. Laissez le bon…

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