4 New Seasonings to Check Out from Weber®

There’s nothing better than a warm day, hanging out on your patio, and grilling an amazing meal for dinner!  Grilling season is on the horizon (for many of us, it is already here!), and that means you’re probably planning on cooking your favorite foods that you’ve been missing all winter.  While we love using an old reliable recipe from time to time, it’s a new season…so why not try some new seasonings?

Just in time for spring, Weber® has launched 4 new seasonings that you’re going to want to try!  We know it can be a little daunting to try a new seasoning on your grilled favorites (especially something more expensive like steak), so we are breaking down all the info you need to know about these 4 great seasonings!

Sweet Coffee

Weber® Sweet Coffee Seasoning and Rub has the perfect balance of sweet and savory with a kick of spice. This robust seasoning is an excellent addition to any protein dish, especially your favorite beef dishes. Use this blend as a rub to tenderize the beef and give it a bold, yet sweet flavor. For something different, try it in chili, your favorite Mexican dishes, fish, and even sweet potatoes!

The sweet and savory flavor is perfect to elevate any of your favorite meat dishes and veggies. Substitute some of the brown sugar in chili or barbeque sauce with Weber® Sweet Coffee Seasoning and Rub. Add a few dashes to your sweet potato dish for an added sweetness with a strong savory flavor.

This seasoning is a barbeque lovers’ new best friend! Many people might not know the secret bold flavor coffee gives hearty red meats, but what makes this Weber® seasoning stand out from the competition is its sweetness. This blend of garlic, ancho chili, and brown sugar compliments all of your favorite red meat dishes and is sure to please and impress your guests. You can purchase Weber® Sweet Coffee here.

Jalapeño Popper

Weber® Jalapeño Popper Seasoning will bring the heat to your kitchen! This seasoning encompasses everything you love about a jalapeño popper, including a hint of spice, crunchy consistency and a cheese-like flavor. This blend also features smoky and garlicky flavors that are very fragrant.

Weber® Jalapeño Popper Seasoning takes normally spicy dishes, like beans in a Mexican dish, and adds a wonderful bold, smoky, garlicky flavor on top of the spice. You can even give your other veggies a flavor upgrade by sprinkling Weber® Jalapeño Popper Seasoning on before and after cooking! Your dishes are sure to impress with this fun delicious seasoning.

At first taste, you might not think this seasoning has the same kick as a popper, but just like a jalapeño, Weber® Jalapeño Popper Seasoning has a sneaky after spice taste that you’re sure to love! Try this seasoning on any of your favorite proteins to liven up their flavors and give them a little kick.

Burgers, chicken, seafood, and veggies are all be complimented this Weber® Jalapeño Popper Seasoning. Think outside of the box and try it on chicken wings, beans, or even popcorn! The savory and smoky flavor of this bold seasoning will be a great addition to all of your favorite dishes!  You can purchase Weber® Jalapeño Popper here.

American BBQ

Got grilling on the mind?  Weber® American BBQ Seasoning and Rub’s sweet, savory, and smoky flavor profile is perfect when used as both a seasoning and a rub.  This classic yet unforgettable blend gives burgers, ribs, steak, and poultry that great grilled taste (not to mention that wonderful aroma)!

Weber® American BBQ unites the beloved regional flavors of barbecue into one magnificent blend.  Crafted to represent a fusion of the best in American barbecue flavors, this enticing blend delivers a wonderfully balanced flavor that is perfect on all proteins, and even vegetables!

Weber® American BBQ is uniquely formulated to enable mouth-watering caramelization from the grill or smoker.  This seasoning blend is also ideal for recipes that call for stove cooking, oven-roasting and baking, and even air frying! When grilling, brush your protein with a bit of olive oil, then add Weber® American BBQ before searing or smoking.  For stove or oven cooking, shake on seasoning before, during, and even after for a full-flavored result!  As for vegetables – try drizzling them with some olive oil, sprinkling on Weber® American BBQ, and popping them in the oven for a healthy side dish!  You can purchase Weber® American BBQ here.

All Purpose Cookout

When you’re looking for a seasoning that you can sprinkle on just about everything, Weber® All Purpose Cookout Seasoning meets all of your requirements!  This savory seasoning features an outstanding blend of flavors, including garlic, butter, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, buttermilk, and soy sauce.  It adds a savory boost to beef, chicken, and pork, and unexpected depth to pastas, vegetables, and even grilled fruits (we invite you to try it on grilled pineapple – you won’t be disappointed)!

Weber® All Purpose Cookout is mild yet full of flavor, which means it’s well-balanced enough to satisfy every member of the family.  Mix it into burgers, shake it on chicken, rub it onto ribs – the options are truly endless.  Do your side dishes need a little pick-me-up?  Try Weber® All Purpose Cookout on grilled corn, veggie kabobs, or even rice dishes.

When you’re looking to add that “extra something” to your recipes, Weber® All Purpose Cookout Seasoning is your new go-to!  Don’t be afraid to try it on dishes that may seem a little unusual – it will only make them taste so much better!  Be sure to always have Weber® All Purpose Cookout Seasoning available in your pantry for all of your cooking needs!  You can purchase Weber® All Purpose Cookout here.

Time to Get Grilling!

Now that you’ve gotten the picture about the 4 new Weber® seasonings, what will you be cooking tonight?  You are probably feeling ready to try ALL of the seasonings (we know we are), so we’re sharing over 40 grilling recipes with you!  You can find them in our special “grilling” section here.

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