What to Make with Taco Seasoning

There’s nothing better than having a fully stocked pantry.  After all, who doesn’t like recipe planning and discovering you already have the majority of the ingredients right in your home?  The next time you’re out shopping for staples like cooking oil, chicken broth, and canned tomatoes, make sure you add taco seasoning to your list!

Tone’s® Taco Seasoning is the perfect addition to your cupboard.  You’re probably used to buying the single-serving seasoning packets, so the large 23-ounce size might seem a little unnecessary to you.  But hear us out!

Usually, taco recipes call for one packet of seasoning, which is typically 1 ounce.  Spice packet prices range from about $0.50 to $0.99 per packet, while Tone’s® Taco Seasoning is approximately $6.98 (prices vary).  You would have to spend $11.50 – $22.77 on single serving packets to get the same amount of Tone’s® Taco Seasoning!

Now that you understand the pros of buying a rather large bottle of seasoning, you might be wondering what you’re actually going do with all of it!  This is what we call “the fun part!” – it’s time to get creative and go beyond the taco. Let’s TACO-BOUT what to make with taco seasoning!

Since you probably have traditional tacos on the mind, we’ll our discussion with how to use taco seasoning on ground beef.  Here are some suggestions to get you started!

How to Use Ground Beef with Taco Seasoning

  • Taco pizza – use a traditional pizza crust, or try a skillet cornbread crust version!
  • Beef empanadas – a fun and portable way to eat! If you’re not familiar with empanadas, they are crescent-shaped pastries that are baked or fried with different types of fillings. While we suggest using ground beef, you can fill them with just about anything you want, including something sweet!  Discover more about empanadas here. 
  • Quesadillas – you’re probably used to serving chicken quesadillas (or plain cheese ones if you have children to feed), but you won’t be disappointed when you try them with ground beef!
  • Taco salad – this recipe uses homemade cilantro lime dressing, yum!
  • Burgers – so simple yet genius! Add 1 ounce of Tone’s® Taco Seasoning to your normal burger recipe, and it’s a whole new ballgame!

Before you get out the fajita seasoning to add to your chicken, let’s take a look at some fun ways to use taco seasoning instead!

How to Use Chicken with Taco Seasoning

  • Chicken burrito bowls – a little less messy than your traditional burrito!
  • Chicken chimichangas – a must-try Tex-Mex dish! Chimichangas are essentially fried burritos that use the fillings of your preference!  You can deep fry them or make them healthier by using your trusty air fryer.
  • Chicken tortilla soup – a comforting food for a cold day.
  • Air fryer chicken strips – use your normal coating recipe and add a couple tablespoons of Tone’s® Taco Seasoning for an extra kick!

Of course, you can also add 1 lb chicken, 1 jar salsa, and 1 tbsp Tone’s® Taco Seasoning to a slow cooker for an easy taco filling.  Now let’s talk about some other ways to use taco seasoning!

Other Ways to Use Taco Seasoning

  • Steak burritos – we mentioned chimichangas above, but if you’re looking for something a touch healthier, burritos are where it’s at!
  • Enchiladas – this vegetarian version uses spinach and a whole lot of cheese!
  • Taco Pasta Skillet – this recipe combines the irresistible elements of Mexican flavors + pasta…and it feeds a lot!
  • Refried beans – we like to jazz up refried beans by heating a can of refried beans with 1/3 cup sour cream, 1/3 cup salsa, and 1-2 tbsp of Tone’s® Taco Seasoning. You’ll never go back to plain refried beans again!
  • Taco dip – everyone’s favorite party appetizer! This recipe looks divine.
  • Margarita– this might be the most unique option on our list! This recipe is perfect for Cinco de Mayo festivities.

 We invite you to try all of these ways to use taco seasoning!  Who knew that a simple pantry staple could be so handy?

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