Cutting Back for the New Year? Use Seasonings and Spice Blends to Make Your Food Delicious!

It’s the New Year, so you might have healthier eating on the mind.  When trying to cut back or lose weight, you’re probably picturing a life of boneless, skinless chicken breast and steamed broccoli ahead of you.  Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t sound especially enticing when all of the “fun” items (like fat, sugar, and carbs) have been taken away. But we promise it doesn’t have to be that way! Studies show seasoning your food can actually make you more satisfied and eat less.

Discover a whole world of flavor by venturing down the spice aisle at the grocery store. Spices are definitely not something weird you’ll use for one recipe and never use again. We are talking about base spices you can use on anything you cook to enhance flavor and make eating fun again.

In this post we’re going to explore some everyday seasonings you can add to your recipes to liven things up. You won’t miss the fat and carbs once we’re done!

Dash™ Seasoning

You’ve probably heard of Dash™ Seasoning (formerly Mrs. Dash), which is the salt-free alternative for spicing up your favorite meals.  If you’re watching your sodium intake, Dash is a great option for you!  Cutting back on sodium has numerous health benefits (read more about them here), and is not as difficult/horrible as it seems.  Dash helps season your food with absolutely no salt…ever! Each blend is a flavorful multitasker in the kitchen and adds a full-bodied taste to heighten the enjoyment of food. So what does that mean for you?  You can take nutritious and healthy food options and give them a flavor boost with a few shakes of Dash!  Dash is available in a wide variety of flavor blends, so you can also minimize the spices in your cupboard.  If you’re wanting to give Dash a try, the top 5 blends include: Original, Table Blend, Garlic & Herb, Onion & Herb, and Lemon Pepper.  This handy toolkit also has great information about how to limit your salt intake and why it’s beneficial to your health.

Here are some tasty Dash recipes to try:

Member’s Mark™  and Tone’s® Spices and Seasonings

Bring your food to life with Member’s Mark™ and Tone’s® !  Both of these product lines offer a large spectrum of flavor options, from the necessary basics (like ground black pepper, cumin, and cayenne pepper) to unique varieties such as Bang Bang Sweet and Spicy (more on that later)!  These brands come in large packaging, but their prices are easy on the wallet.  This means great value for a size-to-cost ratio (we all have budgeting on the mind these days)!

So how do Member’s Mark and Tone’s Spices and Seasonings fit into your healthy eating plans? Think of it like this: when you cut back on fat, you often lose the flavor.  But adding in spices and seasonings adds SO much flavor, with very few calories and zero fat.  If you’re still feeling meh about eating healthier, why not try adding some unique seasoning blends to your meal?  Here’s some examples:

  • Tone’s Cilantro Lime – awesome on fish and shrimp
  • Tone’s Fry Day – this stuff is GOOD.  Pop some potato wedges in the air fryer to make your own delicious and healthy fries!
  • Tone’s Pizza Mac & Cheese – this combines the flavors of two favorite (and not so healthy dishes).  Sprinkle it on some roasted vegetables for especially non-boring flavor!
  • Member’s Mark Bang Bang Seasoning – this features the bold Szechuan style flavors of ginger, garlic, soy sauce and red pepper.  You really can’t go wrong when you use this seasoning!
  • Member’s Mark Mexican Street Corn Seasoning – inspired by the famous elote found on the streets of Mexico and Los Angeles, this seasoning blend is made with the wonderful taste of dried garlic, dried chili pepper, dried onion, sour cream powder, dried chipotle pepper, dried green bell pepper, jalapeño pepper and cilantro. It has a great balance of heat and tanginess, with a hint of cilantro and lime.
  • Member’s Mark Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning – this is characterized by the spicy flavors of paprika and cayenne, the sweet taste of brown sugar, the tangy zip of vinegar and bright orange-red color. While its sweet, spicy, and savory flavor profile complements fried chicken perfectly, it’s also great on baked chicken (or air fryer chicken if you’d like it crispy)! It’s also wonderful on meats, vegetables, dips, and salad dressings.

Here’s some recipes using Tone’s and Member’s Mark seasonings that you’ll want to check out:

When you’re shopping, don’t forget that basic spices like we mentioned above add tons of flavor, too.  Try mixing a few related flavors together to make your own unique creations!

Weber® Seasonings

When you think of Weber® Seasonings, you’re probably already imagining the grill firing up.  But before you start picturing brats, ribs, hot dogs, and other not-so-healthy options, let’s think about how the grill is the perfect place to make your favorite healthy dishes, too!  Weber Seasonings are an ideal accompaniment to foods you throw on the grill, like chicken, potatoes, vegetables, fish, and even pizza!  If you’re not into grilling, there’s no need to panic – you can bring the flavors of the grill right into your kitchen!  Here’s a look at some healthy recipe options that are created both in the grill or in your kitchen:

Ready to embark on your healthy eating journey?  Hopefully we’ve convinced you that eating nutritious foods doesn’t ever have to be boring, redundant, or dreadful.  With the right seasonings and spices in your cabinet, you’re on the way to creating culinary masterpieces!  Seasoning your food with more than salt and pepper makes your weight loss goals quicker and easier, allowing you to stay on track and try new foods along the way.

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